Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tau XV8 Crisis Suit COMPLETED

Right then, done.

Bit of a change of style on this guy, actually. With the Marines I've been painting I've gone for deliberately muted highlights; enough to bring out the detail but nothing to strong, with the intent to give them a worn, slightly tired effect to represent the old, but well-cared-for equipment they possess. The Tau, well the Tau are something else. On top of the aforementioned chopping and reposing his arms (which i think looks really good on the finished model!) I've gone for a different paint style - much stronger highlights shading in an attempt to replicate a slightly cel-shaded look that fits the Tau's clearly anime-inspired designs. It's not perfect, and a little rough in places, but on the whole I think its a good fit and as I do more Tau I'll stick to this design.

Pictures after the cut.

Main front shot. 

Rear shot with the engine glow. 

Top down - gives a better idea of the re-pose

This is with my older XV8 which i painted over a year ago. definitely
some difference in them!