Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year, New Projects

Well, thats it for 2012, and as the new year comes along, so do new painting projects. Having backed the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game Kickstarter, I now have a bunch of figures for that to be getting on with, which I suspect will be mixed in with the Orks that Ewan got for xmas.

So, Happy New Year, and I'll leave you with the first figure I've got completed, Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Blood Ravens Storm Talon COMPLETED

So, I had a day off, and thought I'd spend a couple of hours in the morning working on the Storm Talon, which at that point was in a mostly-still-disassembled state covered in it's dark red base coat. But I kind of got into it, and pretty much spent the entire day working on it. And it's finished.

So that was a day well spend. *grin*

And I'm pretty bloody happy with it. I did have a crazy plan of splashing a huge Blood Raven symbol across the wings, but there is so much stuff on the hull, and the big gaps where the wings meet the fuselage, it just wouldn't have worked visually. But i'll pocket the idea for another day. I'm really pleased with the pilot and cockpit detail, but you really can't see it once the canopy went on! Oh well.

Next project is the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game stuff that turned up over the weekend. Should be a fun change of pace. 

Friday, 14 December 2012

New Project! Blood Ravens Storm Talon

First off, and in the interests of transparancy, I should mention that in my most recent Marines vs Orks battle with by eldest, he wiped the floor with me. I mean, really, really, badly. So I should probably stick to painting, right?

Next project on the board is the Storm Talon I bought a while back. I wasn't too impressed with the initial pictures, but after seeing on in the flesh, as it were, I liked the look of them a lot more, and now I have one I'm happy that its a chunky little slugger of a model, if a little too nose-heavy. Learning the lesson from the Rhino build I've part assembled it, and base coated like this:

And then moved onto the cockpit, which has tons of dials and switches, and it's hard to tell until it's all assembled which ones will be visible and which ones won't. So I painted all of them. Anyhow, a weeks work and the cockpit painted and assembled, and looks like this:

Which i'm pretty pleased with. There will be more contract with the Techmarine pilot when the main hull is lighter red, of course. Next job is to stick into the rest of fuselage and paint that up in it's main red colour. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Blood Ravens Rhino: COMPLETED

So, the Big Red Box is finished after a big push over the weekend. Pretty happy with it in the end, although doing the doors and interior made it a lot more interesting than I suspect a normal, glued shut Rhino would be. Anyhow, here are the final pictures:

Side shot - the top doors are glued open, and by some odd design quirk they won't lie flat due to the engine exhausts. So i'm not sure how the passengers are supposed to shoot out of the Top hatch, but there you go.

Front Quarter view. Markings are for 3rd (Tactical) Squad, 5th Company.

And here's the interior. Its pretty straightforward but looks effective. And i had fun imagining where Marines had stomped mud everywhere!

A top shot with all the doors open.  There isn't any way of hinging the side hatches (well, not easily) so they just clip on and off at the moment. When this guy gets on the Battlefield I think i'll just leave them off, but they'll look cool open and on display.

And with troops, for scale and colour matching. I need more Rhinos for my Blood Ravens, but i'm in no great rush to start production lining them!