Friday, 31 August 2012

Blood Ravens Command Squad COMPLETED

Well, I setup the lightbox again, and got to work messing with some more snazzy shots. Unfortunately, what this has revealed is the limitations of my camera for this sort of work, so I guess I need to find the cash for a new one in my hobby budget. Guess that puts off the airbrush purchase for another couple of months!

Anyway, here they are, and apologies for the photo quality. Comments, as ever, gratefully received.


Company Champion

Company Commander with Relic Blade and

Plasma Veteran

And another Plasma Veteran

Standard Bearer

Friday, 24 August 2012

Captain and Command Squad

I need to setup the lightbox again over the weekend and take some proper pictures, but for now...the completed and based Company Captain and Command Squad...

Pretty please with that little lot. Next up, my first Landspeeder. 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Command Squad WiP

So, my Command Squad is comming along, and a couple more of the figures are now painted apart from basing and weathering. Pictures below - although my camera appears to made them a bit "redder" than they appear in real life. When I've got the squad done I'll crack out the lightbox and make some better shots.

Company Champion. Fiddly, Fiddly, Man. 

I agonised over the Shield colour, but went with Red in the end.

His "proper" sword is on my Company Captain, so he's got a "standard"
Power Sword. The backpack eagle is chopped off a banner. 

The first of the squad's two Plasma Veterans. 

I've got loads of these "kneeling" legs and this
 is the first time I've used them. 

Sadly these pics really do make him look more orangey than he is :( 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Blood Ravens Captain, and some thoughts on new Paints

As I mentioned some time ago, I've ditched the old GW paints and invested in moving over the Vallejo Game Colour for the bulk of my paints. Having run down a most of my GW collection messing about with Ewan's Orks (and he can have whats left for when he fancies a splodge around), I cracked them open for the first time to work on a couple of figures - my Marine Company Captain, and my Command Squad Apocathery. Results below!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

In Which Our Hero is Beaten by 10-year old...

Painting is still slow going but I have spent the time well. Having picked up Codex: SM and Codex: Orks cheap off ebay, I build a couple of balanced army lists for the two forces and me and Ewan (eldest offspring)  managed to get a good and proper fight in at 1250 points each. Whilst we've had a few matches before, they've never been with properly costed forces and mission rules, so this was a first for both of us.

My Blood Raven Force ready to roll out. The books at the top of the picture represent a swamp and the egg-paperweight-thing is my objective. 

Ewans Orks - mostly painted by Ewan. The two Imperial Guard vehichles are "Looted Wagons" and the Leman Russ had a rather lethal Boomgun on it before I Autocannoned it to death in the early game. The slippers aren't terrain, they're just proof Ewan never cleans his room!

Mid-Game and my Sternguard gaze across at the approaching horde next to a shot-up Razorback. What you can't tell is that I'm being heavily outflanked on the far side of the table.

...and thats all folks. With time out on the game it was technically a draw, but Ewan has killed more units than I have and has a force advancing on my objective whilst I'm bogged down on the near-side. As you see the Razorback's bad day continued to get worse!

Overall, pretty good fun and proof you don't need huge armies and "proper" competition to have fun with this game!