Friday, 25 January 2013

I'm Walter! Try Me!

So, we continue our Judge Dredd Miniatures painting adventure. Currently managing about one a week, although after I've finished the couple I'm in the middle of, I've got a bunch of citi-def to do, and they should be easier to production line. Anyhow, this week it's Dredd's "favorite" house-robot, Walter the Wobot.

there is definitely something weird about taking a metal miniature, cleaning it, base coating it, and then painting it to look all-metal again...

Friday, 18 January 2013

The Dead Shall Rise!

So, the Judge Dredd figures contine to roll off the painting the table. This lovely lady is a Zombie Master, and also my first serious attempt at doing dramatic lighting on a figure. When the base is done she should look lit from underneath, as well as the green spectral effect on her hands and eyes.

Its not perfect, but I'm pretty pleased with her, and picking up a decent base should really top her off. Comments, as ever, appreciated. 

Thursday, 10 January 2013

I Am The Law!

10 days into 2013 already, and I'm pushing on with the Judge Dredd figures. Here is the Man Himself.

The only thing left to do is the Base, but i think I'm going to pick up resin bases for these guys to mount him on at a later date (he's not glued to this base, its just holding him in place for painting.