Friday, 27 January 2012

Blood Ravens 1st Company Razorback COMPLETED

So, barring a few touch-ups that I'd missed until reviewing these photos, the BattleTaxi for my Sternguard is finished. Given the status of the Sternguard as a 1st Company squad, and role as ranged fire support, a Lascannon-armed Razorback seems like a natural transport option for them, and as a first company vehicle I took the opportunity to "bling" it out a bit with extra scrollwork and badges, to reflect the status of the troops that it carries. I've also got a completed Rhino Chassis already (my Predator) so there was less time fretting over which colours worked in which combinations.

Anyway, more pictures under the cut.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Blood Ravens Librarian - COMPLETED

Well I was supposed to be finishing off the Sterguard Taxi this weekend, given that I had a free couple of hours. But....I got distracted. By this guy:

Yep, It's a Librarian in Terminator Armour. This has got to be one of the classic Games Workshop sculpts, and by a reasonable margin the most fiddly figure I've ever worked on. I mean, he's got fiddly bits on his fiddly bits, and every time I looked around thinking "hey, he's about done!" I found another bloody scroll, skull, purity seal or something that still wasn't done. I'm sure just putting these pictures up I'll spot something I've missed.

Anyway, despite this he was amazing fun to work and totally absorbing to the exclusion of all else.

He's painted up to be an HQ fig for my Blood Ravens, so the shoulders are bone and I've given him a red kneecap for the Chapter Badge. I've also tried to "grey" down the blue a little to make him more in line with blue-grey look of Jonah Orion's armour in the Dawn of War series, and less like an on-loan Ultramarine. He's still definitely blue, just a little less Smurf-ey.

More pictures after the cut.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

WIP: We're Painting the Ravens Red

So, I've started work on the "taxi" for my Sternguard, and I though I'd do some shots showing how I'm currently building up the main armour colours. I like this technique as I'm not a big fan of the overly "chipped" look to weather vehicles (or rather, I think it's not always appropriate for Marine vehicles, which are old, but generally revered and well looked after) and this gives a worn and faded look to the paint work. Anyway, here goes.

Friday, 13 January 2012


So, in the post-xmas shopping rush I may have got a tad...obsessive.

Now that's the sort of expansion for my Blood Ravens force I was looking for.

So far the only use for the above as been to raid the sprues for "bling" for my Sternguard's Razorback. I figure whilst i'm not a fan of covering Marines in a lot of tat, 1st Company vehicles (and troops) should be the exception. Its hard to tell from the picture because at the moment it's a blob of black, but I had fun tarting it up and hopefully it'll look like a fit for the Sternguard when it's finished.

And the tank i got for xmas. I've some notes on a "fluff" background for my IG unit now, which I am confident I can bore my readers with at a later date!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

More Different to Start the Year...

So, I thought I'd start the year by finishing off the Sorylian cruisers I've had lying around whilst I was painting up the Sternguard. I also thought I'd try and "get clever" with the pictures, using a stronger source to give the effect of...well, a stronger space-bound source like a star. It's not a total pictorial triumph but as my bloody camera got stolen a couple of days ago these are the only pictures I'd uploaded.