Friday, 27 April 2012

WIP: Drone-ing On

After having fun painting up the base, the main body of my re-posed XV8 is slowly receiving base-coats and mid tones. Currently he looks something like this...

...which is to say slightly like a blue clown suit. The legs and feet have a solid mid-tone on them now, the chest needs another pass to solidify the colour and the rest just has the dark blue base on. It's not terribly exciting at the moment, but if nothing else i think this brings out the pose a little more than the earlier "all black" shot.

What I have achieved is finishing his drones. These have a lot more dark blue on them, as when I have a stab at a full-on Tau Vehicle in this scheme I expect I will want it to be darker overall, as the light blue/white may be slightly too bright.  So here they are:

Any Tau army must swarm with these little guys, I have six already!