Friday, 11 May 2012

Painting Table Update May 2012

Well, its that time again when I run out of immediate projects and cast around for what to do next. Since finishing up my second XV8 i've been back to the one i painted up last year and re-emphasised it's highlights so it matches with its newer, shinier comrade. It's not as good a job, I'm afraid, after a bit of a fight with the paint-mixing-process but still an improvement, and as ever, I've probably learned more from the mess than if it had just worked out OK.

Now with Blur-O-Vision! The really observant will note that I've also swapped his shoulder gun for a Missile Pod to keep him consistent.

Anyway, this leaves me without anything actually built up to paint, but this morning I picked up a parcel from the mail containing both a Tau Piranha and a set of Ork Killa Kans to reinforce my sons horde. The former is to try out the blue-and-white scheme on a vehicle frame, in case I want to stick with Tau, and the out of the latter I'll probably swipe at least one of the Kans for my own amusement as I've not really had a go at anything Orky yet.

After that, well taking a break from Blood Ravens has been fun, but I may be heading back to those bad boys again...possibly for a Force Commander and Command Squad.