Thursday, 31 May 2012

Back to the Drawing Board...

So, this is the Piranha as it stood yesterday with the main colour areas blocked out. As you can see, I've gone for a large amount of white (currently grey here) so as not to overwhelm the model with the Electric Blue look. and i was pretty happy with it.

And last night I got some time to work on building up the white areas and the bloody thing looks dreadful. It may be the quality of the paint, as i try to run down my GW paints before opening my newer Vallejo set, but more i think its the technique - painting light grey and then layering up to white works great for small areas on battlesuits and helmets but here it just emphasises the grey and the whole thing looks, well, tatty.


so, new plan - bring on a heavier blue on the wings, keep the white striping on the hull and and add white stripe markings on the wings. We'll have to see how that goes, but i'm pretty disgruntled with it at the moment!