Friday, 25 May 2012

The Kan Can!

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I spent a bit of the weekend building Orks with the eldest offspring, which included a group of Killa Kans. Now, I've had a big exam this week, and as part of the "between revision" panic cycle I've been painting to relax, because, well, i find it relaxing. And just for the hell of it I grabbed one of the Kans and did that in the style that eldest offspring is aiming at.

As mentioned, he likes the metallic paints and envisions his Orks covered in shiny metal plates, rather than painted up a primary colour like most standard clan schemes. So that was the starting point. I was also a little wary of the orks as i didn't get on with the AoBR Deffkoptas; I just couldn't my head around what I wanted to do with them and the couple I painted are a mess. That said, I think this guy has turned out OK - pictures and comments after the cut.

Burney Arm! 

Slicey Arm! 

 The big mental breakthrough was the frame style - it's Tin Bitz with a black wash and a Boltgun Metal drybrush, and it looks really, really good. After that I just picked out smaller sub plates and sections in either Dwarf Bronze or Boltgun Metal in a somewhat random fashion to make it look a little ramshackle and Orky. Things like the red fuel tank and the blue-painted plates are done the same way, worn down to the metal with a few extra "scratches" painted on. The main hull is Chainmail with a blue wash and then re-drybrushed with the chainmail to shine it up again.

This is in someways a "quick and dirty" paint job - theres not a lot of complexity and it was done in 10 minute bursts over a couple of days. And it's surprisingly effective.