Monday, 21 May 2012

Boyz for Da Boy!

One of the bonuses of Parenthood is the ability to inflict your obsessions on your kids. I mean, they seem to have an in built filter of some kind that lets them know that their parents are inherently uncool, and anything they recommend is either rubbish, or some sort of trick that's secretly good for them, but generally speaking if you show enough enthusiasm for what you like doing, some of it will wear off on them. 

And so it seems to be with the "painting of tiny mans". Sure, his attention span isn't great, and his technique is mostly about chucking some green paint on here and some metal paint on there, and then liberally covering the boyz in blood spatter, but he enjoys it, it passes a wet weekend afternoon, and I've got the chance to actually play some 40k for the first time in over a decade.

And it's given me an interesting perspective on the game - firstly that its not always the most intuitive system in the world and could do with a couple less tables, because we are constantly looking things up as fights get messy and its not always easy to see how the statistics play out. Whats weird is that is in many ways it's not that complicated - its just that not as smooth as it could be. Secondly, it's lots of fun - "we" like the big buckets of dice and the fact that even a bad round often sees lots of casualties.

We're definitely playing for laughs - we don't have enough figures for balanced sides and we're often swapping in figures for other figures, especially by poor Chimera which seems to have been permanently stolen by Da Orks. But who cares, right? because we can make war over the lounge carpet, and thats what its all about...