Monday, 1 August 2011

"To Do" list!

Right, I've spent a good part of my free painting time this weekend basically mucking about on different things, so I need to get my brain in order. So this is me, trying to get my Brain In Order.

Painting Table
(or, stuff I own that my attention span won't let me finish)
- 3 Firewarriors from the Electric Tau need finishing (detail work, mainly) and basing up
- Electric Tau XV8 and Drones need, well everything
- Having settled on Blood Ravens I need to finish up a 5-man combat squad for them
- Strip my AoBR Dread and any paint test marines to swell the combat squad up to a full tac squad

Wish List 
(or, stuff i want to buy)
- Tau Piranha, mainly to see how the Electric Scheme looks on a vehicle
- Imperial Guard Infantry Squad and Heavy Weapons Team to round out a full Platoon.
- Imperial Guard Hellhound
- Marine Terminator Squad (the AoBR one is rubbish and un-fun, sadly)
- Marine Sternguard Veteran Squad and Razorback
- Some Firestorm Armada ships, because they're lovely designs and it'll make a change.

I also need to work out if i'm brave enough to submit this to one of the many blog-roll sites around the painting/40k hobby world. 

I think that'll keep me busy for a while...