Monday, 8 August 2011

Signs of Progress

So this is the first post since I was welcomed onto the "From the Warp" Blogroll. So "Hi" folks,hope some of this painting isn't too dissapointing!

I mention a week or so ago that I was playing with Space Marines, trying to find a scheme that works for me, and I think I've now settled for the Blood Ravens, because I like red for Space Marines, and I like the Dawn of War series. So I spent some time going back to my re-stripped Assault on Black Reach Marines to get some practice, and with a heavy heart I retuned to the Force Commander figure.

New and Improved

Firey Sword!
See, I hate this figure. Hes very fiddly, especially around the chest piece, and not a good way - like the Lord Commisar, for example - but just too many elements overlapping that need to be different colours and textures and...yeah. I think I did a much better job this time though. To prove it, here's the first version from I'd just started painting again. 

Kind of Embarrasing

If nothing else I think this demonstrates what a few months reading and practicing can do for your technique.

Also in the spirit of comparison, I finished off a Tac Marine half-squad, with before and after pics for your general amusement.


Next project, re-do the AoBR Dread...