Monday, 15 August 2011

Crisis, What Crisis?

After a lot of fiddling with colour schemes I finished the Electric Tau scheme XV8. The original plan had a lot of Dark Blue, with the Electic-and-White only used for things like the shoulders and bits of the chest plate. Big problem - it looked rubbish. So back to the drawing board I decided to stick with a Ice Blue Base and improvise around it. And you know, I rather like it.

The big problem I faced was actually walking away from adding more detail to it. Having spent some time on IG and Marine figures recently I've grown acustomed to lots of small bits of alternative colour all over the place, but the Tau work well with a cleaner, more unifed look. The vast majority of this set is either blue, white, black or bronze, and whilst there are a lot of colours in some of the fine detail I've tried to keep it as big, bold blocks of colour. Yes, I like anime-style mecha, can you tell?

Flee Tiny Imperial Guardsmen, Flee!

Rear Engine Shot

I had to freehand the rear symbol to keep in the reversed colours I've used on the Fire Warriors. The Jumppack vents use the flame-effect I've become quite attached to recently, just to give at least one area of different colour on the model. And having read an excellent post on From the Warp recently on integrating your bases and figures, I've muckied up his legs and added some detritus from my IG spares box to try and add to the sense of an advancing figure. 

Wouldn't be Tau without Gun-Drones

As a final note, I'm aware that he's a "wrong" configuration for an XV8 currently but I went for "cool" rather than "practical".

As ever, comments appreciated.