Friday, 29 July 2011

Space Marine Paint Tests

So, the "stars" of the 40k universe are clearly the Space Marines. They're big, they're shouty, they have ridiculously big guns and even bigger shoulderpads, and from a painters point of view probaby get the lions share of "love" in terms of variety and fun figures. When I was restarting I forked out for the Assault on Black Reach set, because it comes with a load of (uncustomisable) figures that I could practice with. And indeed I did; some were OK, some i made a right hash of. More importantly they were all Ultramarines, who are terribly, terribly dull.

So if I want to paint up some more SM stuff, I need to settle on a chapter, or more importantly, settle on a colour scheme that it fun to work on and looks good, as it's not like these guys are going to see a lot of action, and even if they are, I play for fun, not min-maxing whatever rule is broken at the moment. So all the Ultras went in a big bath of paint stripper (Fairy Power Spray, to be precise) and came out clean and new, ready for me to repaint in some novelty colours.

I should emphasis that as paint tests, these are a little rough around the edges.

My first idea was a desert theme. After all, the Tau are blue themed, and the IG are urban themed, so yellows/browns seemed a good change. I came out with this.

Its OK, but a little "beige", like they're designed to guard their local Ikea. I quite like how the "flame" effect on Terminator's badge worked out though, so I'll steal that for something else.

After this I dithered and thought about some of the more well known chapters. Dark Angels? The green and white is a nice scheme but I have a freind who is a Dark Angels / Deathwing fanatic and more importantly much, much better at painting than I am. Space Wolves are just plain silly. Blood Angels have never grabbed me, fluff wise. And then, that last thought gave me a flash of inspiration and I knocked these guys out.

Blood Ravens, from Relic's  Dawn of War series. Its even more geeky than just painting 40k figures, its painting 40k figures based on a computer game! Perfect!

I even had a slightly cack-handed go at the Chapter badge.

Thankfully Forgeworld make transfer sheets for the Blood Ravens so i can at least save myself further embarrasement on that front! Also some of the touch up (or lack thereof) shows the hazards to trying to get something ready for a picture late at night when you're being told to put down the toys and come to bed!

My only problem now is that if i want to paint a Blood Raven squad, I'll either have to re-strip the other guys (which i suspect the figures won't take well) or buy some more. So first I'll finish off the "pending" list..