Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Squad Morale Restored!

My other main achievement over the weekend was to fish out the camera and take some more pics of some of the finished Imperial Guard Miniatures. My photograhy is not unlike my painting - improving, yet still not without it's flaws. First up, my Squad Commander and some of his Special Weapons troopers.

Aside from the shame of un-drilled gun barrels I'm quite pleased with it, and the power-sword turned out well enough that with the next figure I got a little ambitious...

This is the Finecast version of the Lord Commissar, which I bought despite the online howling about the Finecast productline when it was released. There are a couple of minor blemishes but nothing you can pick out, and lightness of it, and the detailing, made it a joy to work on. But then I've never liked metal much.

He's Green-trimmed in contravention to tradition to keep him in line with ther overall colour scheme of the rest of my IG, and overall i'm pretty pleased with him.