Friday, 20 April 2012

First Base

Some months back an article on the always excellent From the Warp talked about painting bases first on a model, not last. Now I've always treat bases as a little bit of an afterthought - sure they need to look good, and I've always tried to make sure the figure is blended into the setting and it looks like I've made some effort there, but it's never been a focus for me. With this XV8 I wanted it to have a more interesting base, so as you can see from the previous post its striding over a load of Imperial Rubble.

Now I'm not sure that the base comes out well on the earlier pictures, but taking after Ron's suggestion I thought it may be worth tackling it first, especially the plate elements where I wanted to do a fair but of dry-brushing to get the metal effect I wanted. So a couple of hours work later, the base is mostly done, and looks like this:

I'm quite pleased with it, but comments, as ever, appreciated.