Thursday, 2 August 2012

In Which Our Hero is Beaten by 10-year old...

Painting is still slow going but I have spent the time well. Having picked up Codex: SM and Codex: Orks cheap off ebay, I build a couple of balanced army lists for the two forces and me and Ewan (eldest offspring)  managed to get a good and proper fight in at 1250 points each. Whilst we've had a few matches before, they've never been with properly costed forces and mission rules, so this was a first for both of us.

My Blood Raven Force ready to roll out. The books at the top of the picture represent a swamp and the egg-paperweight-thing is my objective. 

Ewans Orks - mostly painted by Ewan. The two Imperial Guard vehichles are "Looted Wagons" and the Leman Russ had a rather lethal Boomgun on it before I Autocannoned it to death in the early game. The slippers aren't terrain, they're just proof Ewan never cleans his room!

Mid-Game and my Sternguard gaze across at the approaching horde next to a shot-up Razorback. What you can't tell is that I'm being heavily outflanked on the far side of the table.

...and thats all folks. With time out on the game it was technically a draw, but Ewan has killed more units than I have and has a force advancing on my objective whilst I'm bogged down on the near-side. As you see the Razorback's bad day continued to get worse!

Overall, pretty good fun and proof you don't need huge armies and "proper" competition to have fun with this game!