Friday, 27 July 2012

Not Dead Yet!

Not Dead....but still in moderate pain. My elbow is steadily improving, and this means I can start painting again. I've spent some time just assembling figures - some Orks for my sons army and a load of Marine stuff for me. With luck we'll even get a fight in this weekend. The return of the Blood Ravens to my painting table has meant I've cracked open the new paint set i treated myself too a while back - a series of Vallejo Game Colour paints which I'd heard good things about. First impressions are strong, especially compared to the old GW paints (not tried the new range) although the coverage is...different. a better different, but still different and it took by surprise.

This is my commander. As usual I'm starting on the armour first, and that's all i've done. But he's, well, Red-er than i expected. I don't think its a problem, and with a bit of work he's in line with the colour of my existing BR force, but at first I thought "oh hell". Maybe I should have started on a Troop, not an HQ? Still, live and learn, eh?