Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Command Squad WiP

So, my Command Squad is comming along, and a couple more of the figures are now painted apart from basing and weathering. Pictures below - although my camera appears to made them a bit "redder" than they appear in real life. When I've got the squad done I'll crack out the lightbox and make some better shots.

Company Champion. Fiddly, Fiddly, Man. 

I agonised over the Shield colour, but went with Red in the end.

His "proper" sword is on my Company Captain, so he's got a "standard"
Power Sword. The backpack eagle is chopped off a banner. 

The first of the squad's two Plasma Veterans. 

I've got loads of these "kneeling" legs and this
 is the first time I've used them. 

Sadly these pics really do make him look more orangey than he is :(