Monday, 6 August 2012

Blood Ravens Captain, and some thoughts on new Paints

As I mentioned some time ago, I've ditched the old GW paints and invested in moving over the Vallejo Game Colour for the bulk of my paints. Having run down a most of my GW collection messing about with Ewan's Orks (and he can have whats left for when he fancies a splodge around), I cracked them open for the first time to work on a couple of figures - my Marine Company Captain, and my Command Squad Apocathery. Results below!

These are fiddly, fiddly figures. Lots of fun detail. 

Technically he shouldn't have a Plasma Gun but the
Command Squad theme is Plasma Weapons and it looks cooler. 
Front Shot. The sword is nicked from the Company
Champion as it's nicer than the "normal" Power Sword.

Rear shot. My first attempt at wet-blending appears
on his cloak. 

For amusement value, a comparison to my old Captain! 
Overall, huge fan of the Vallejo paints, although their colour depth took me a little by surprise after using the old GW ones (i hear the new ones are a big improvement). The washes I picked up were a bit of a disappointment, so may stick with the GW ones for the time being. The biggest thing is that the dropped bottles make it much, much easier to mix colours, which means I have done more of it, which means better results.