Monday, 25 June 2012

End of Orks, and Onto new Things

..and with him painted, thats the end of the Orks for now. Its been quite fun to just bash some "tabletop standard" figures out for Ewan, and I'm sure I'll do some more in the future, but for now it's onto a new plan. With a little bit of careful Ebaying, I've got both the Ork and Space Marine Codexes, and am now planning on putting together moderately balanced 1000 point forces for both factions for us to play with. For the Orks this is pretty easy, but for my Blood Ravens slightly less so, given my eclectic purchasing habits.

So, I've ordered another tac squad, and a command squad to round them out, and will get to building and painting. This will also be the time to crack open the new paints I've picked up too, so its all change for the next few months!