Friday, 15 June 2012

Quick 'n' Dirty Orks

So, as I think I've mentioned previously, my eldest has a growing Orky Horde and whilst he's happy splodging paint around on them I've nicked a few to paint up myself. Now other than messing about with some of the AoBR Boyz way back when I started painting again.

So I've swiped some Burna Boyz, and gone for a quick approach that is fast and understates a lot of the detail. Because the thing that I've noticed is that Ork figures are covered in straps and furs and stuff, which can make them look very cool, but I can also imagine that it will get quite frustrating for a novice as it hugely multiplies the number of passes they need to make on it. So for these guys, sod that, and I've tried to keep the colour blocks simple and aim for a "straight to the tabletop" look.

This means - body colour is blue, leather gloves and boots are brown, and the metal work is tin bitz. Where its on the outside of the model (ie front and centre to the eye) I've added highlighting and detail work, but really what I want to do it give them back to him and say "this is what you should be aiming at" without them being so detailed he'll be defeated before he starts. I want to encourage the idea that if you just get the paint "between the lines" as it where you can do a lot with a simple basecoat - wash - highlight. I can save the fancier stuff for my Blood Ravens! ;-)

So they look like this: