Thursday, 23 February 2012

Blood Raven Terminators: COMPLETED

It may look like I've knocked these guys out pretty quick, but I wish it were the case. I've been working on them alongside the Dread, Libby and Razorback since Christmas, with amount of red and cream effects I've painting across various sets allowing for a certain efficiency. But without further ado, here are my Blood Ravens 1st Company, 2nd Squad, Terminator Marines.

More after the cut. 
Sargent with Power Sword. I've tried to "feather" the edges of the blue
glow on the sword to simulate a field effect. 

Assault Cannons! Who doesn't love 'em? 

Slightly annoyed I only noticed that white gunk on reviewing the pics.
Its from the "Purity Seal" matt varnish, should easily scrape off tho. 

Heavy Flamer Guy. 

And Bob - who doesn't get any special weapons or even a Chainfist.
Poor Bob. 
I've messed with the camera's colour correction to try and stop them looking quite so "bright" as other pics, hence the slightly more dimly lit look to the pictures.

Finally, I think I've mentioned a couple of times that I do have the Terminators from Assault on Black Reach, but really couldn't find the motivation to paint them. If you look at this comparison shot, you can see why, there is just something "off" about the pose and figure that doesn't really work for me. (and the dodgy paint job, but thats a side issues).

Even Bob is a more interesting figure than "Nameless AoBR guy".