Saturday, 18 February 2012

Blood Ravens, the story so far

So, I thought I'd do a  round up of all the Blood Raven stuff i've got painted up to date. It's been quite an interesting process (for me, anyway) both in terms of learning how to get the look i want, and in terms of developing painting techniques.

One of the big things that has plagued me has been "look" and iconography. I've seen some forum threads about the web get pretty headed when you talk about the correct markings and schemes for any Codex Chapter, but on the whole I've settled on using it as a guideline and ignoring it when it doesn't look right on a model - especially the matter of "company colours" which can lead to some very odd combinations. So really I've tried to settle on consistency over (alledged) accuracy. Mind you owning all the Dawn of War games has been a big help too!

Pics after the cut.

Obligatory Army shot. Feels like a lot, although on the 40k scale,
it really isn't. 

Both Dreadnaughts - which I think nicely shows the move to a
darker red overall, which I prefer.
Librarian and Predator

7th Squad, First Company Sternguard and Razorback Transport
I like these guys, they were a lot of fun as a mini-project

Tacs, Scouts and Force Commander. The latter may get replaced at some point
and I fancy a Command Squad. 

What could be next? (Spoiler!)