Friday, 10 February 2012

Blood Ravens Venerable Dreadnought COMPLETED

So, I continue to work through my Mariney Christmas splurge with polishing off the Venerable Dreadnought for  my growing Blood Raven army. This is actually the first "proper" dreadnought I've built, as my other one came from Black Reach, and as a kit it comes with a rather fab range of options and customisation, and I think I took longer on dithering on how to build him, than on actually building him. The base (like on the Librarian) is still just left blank until I can get some decent basing materials that are suitable for the larger base. Anyway, more pictures after the cut.

Obligatory Front Shot. 

The scroll here is a little blue-er than it look in real life
thanks to the camera enhancing it.But it's still not a bad look! 

Rear shot - the Mechanicus crest if brass rather than gold, but
it's not quite caught the light here. The engine casing is the
only part of the model really "muckied" up, any other stuff
can wait until basing. 

I just love drawing inscriptions all over my Blood Ravens. This guy
even has the Imperiums worst freehand art on his shoulder! 
And that's him done. Comments, as ever, appreciated, and it's onto my Terminators next. And yes, I am finally starting to get a little worn out on painting things red!