Tuesday, 17 January 2012

WIP: We're Painting the Ravens Red

So, I've started work on the "taxi" for my Sternguard, and I though I'd do some shots showing how I'm currently building up the main armour colours. I like this technique as I'm not a big fan of the overly "chipped" look to weather vehicles (or rather, I think it's not always appropriate for Marine vehicles, which are old, but generally revered and well looked after) and this gives a worn and faded look to the paint work. Anyway, here goes.

Base Coat - this is a Mechandrite Red base with Scab Red on top of that. This is the coat that I make as solid as possible - into all the cracks and so on.

Blood Red for the Blood Red God! Oh wait, that's wrong. Anyway, this is after about 3 coats of thinned blood red brushed over the hull using long strokes inwards from the edges, so that the paint builds more (and is redder) at the edges and darker in the middle of the flat panels. It also leaves the more recessed areas showing the Scab Red. You can also see my Predator in the back of the shot here, which i'm using to make sure I've got a decent colour match to existing vehicles.

This may be a subtle change, but it's different step, so I've included it. Here I've used Thraka Green wash to define the recesses - certainly not "washing" the vehicle but painting it straight into areas that need more shadow, and also dropping it onto the rivets to define them against the hull. After that has dried I've dryburshed the hull with red (again) and then a fairly heavy drybrush of Orange to "pep up" the hard lines all over the vehicle.

And after a bit more work at "Paint Club" this weekend, the taxi looks like this:

Which should give you a good idea of the final scheme. There is a lot still to do - a stack of touching up around the white/red transitions and most of the markings/seals need doing, and then it all needs weathering down, but this should give a good impression of the direction of travel.