Monday, 23 January 2012

Blood Ravens Librarian - COMPLETED

Well I was supposed to be finishing off the Sterguard Taxi this weekend, given that I had a free couple of hours. But....I got distracted. By this guy:

Yep, It's a Librarian in Terminator Armour. This has got to be one of the classic Games Workshop sculpts, and by a reasonable margin the most fiddly figure I've ever worked on. I mean, he's got fiddly bits on his fiddly bits, and every time I looked around thinking "hey, he's about done!" I found another bloody scroll, skull, purity seal or something that still wasn't done. I'm sure just putting these pictures up I'll spot something I've missed.

Anyway, despite this he was amazing fun to work and totally absorbing to the exclusion of all else.

He's painted up to be an HQ fig for my Blood Ravens, so the shoulders are bone and I've given him a red kneecap for the Chapter Badge. I've also tried to "grey" down the blue a little to make him more in line with blue-grey look of Jonah Orion's armour in the Dawn of War series, and less like an on-loan Ultramarine. He's still definitely blue, just a little less Smurf-ey.

More pictures after the cut.

Classic "front" pose. It really is a funky looking sculpt. 

Right shoulder detail 

Left shoulder detail and Plasma Pistol

Rear shot with the lightning effect on the staff
On the whole I'm pretty damn pleased with him - the staff effect hasn't completely worked out but aside from that there is no real failures in the paint scheme. The kneecap doesn't quite sit right either, just from a colour perspective, but he needs it there. And the base isn't done but I'm leaving that until my Terminators are painted up so I can base him in the same style.

Next time I'll have the Taxi finished, I promise.