Friday, 27 January 2012

Blood Ravens 1st Company Razorback COMPLETED

So, barring a few touch-ups that I'd missed until reviewing these photos, the BattleTaxi for my Sternguard is finished. Given the status of the Sternguard as a 1st Company squad, and role as ranged fire support, a Lascannon-armed Razorback seems like a natural transport option for them, and as a first company vehicle I took the opportunity to "bling" it out a bit with extra scrollwork and badges, to reflect the status of the troops that it carries. I've also got a completed Rhino Chassis already (my Predator) so there was less time fretting over which colours worked in which combinations.

Anyway, more pictures under the cut.

Front View - I try to keep the weathering to fairly low on the vehicle
and around the natural "spatter" areas, where possible.

Turret Detail and Top Hatch. 

Rear Shot - I didn't put any detail on the back ramp because I couldn't
think of anything that looked good that wasn't repeated elsewhere.

General (if overly dark, dammit) front shot

Top Shot

Left Side Detail - I've tried to weather the doors around the top too,
as this is where they'd hit the ground when open.