Monday, 25 July 2011

The Hammer of the Emperor!

Lore-wise my first love is the Imperial Guard. I mean, they're normal people in a universe populated by ravening monsters, fantatical supermen, twisted abomination and sent out to fight them with a Las Rifle and Flak Vest. What's not to love? For a whole host of reason, not least of which playing too much of the Dawn of War series, my mental image of the IG is the Cadians, although their khaki colour scheme is pretty dull, with the only redeeming feature being that it is probably really easy to paint. So my IG may be Cadians, but I decided to have a crack at an Urban Warfare Scheme. This chap is a good example of how they turned out.

Sadly none of my pictures of the rest of his squad are much cop, and he's not based here either, which I guess is an incentive to take some more. Still, it gives a good idea of the colour set.

And it wouldn't be the Imperial Guard without Armour, would it? This was my first shot at a vehicle since re-starting painting and I think it turned out pretty well. Because I am, if nothing else, a gigantic nerd, the markings were inspired by the Classic Lego Space flash colours from when i was a kid. Another reason I like IG is that scuffing up the vehicles is fun, and this Chimera has a nice "on campaign" look to him

Wow, a picture of something with a finished base. I am so proud of that Plasma Gun. Mostly I look at other hobby sites in awe when I see something I can't even imagine how they did it, but the Plasma effect here is a credit to the number of well written guides out there.

I've actually got a fair few more IG guys, most notably a Lord Commissar I finished recently. What I don't have is any decent pictures, but I'll get to that....