Monday, 25 July 2011

Here We Go Again...

As well as posting long winded geek ramblings, my main hobby at the moment that doesn't involve either the kids or a computer screen and gamepad, is painting "Tiny Mens", usually, although not exclusively, of the 40k variety. I've been a wargamer (and roleplayer, and computer gamer) pretty much as long as i can remember, and whilst my 40k playtime has been limited i've a huge affection for the "fluff" and the availabilty, design and variety of the minatures they've produced over the years. After a long hiatus from both painting and wargaming I picked up my brushes again late last year after our second child was born and I felt I needed a new hobby to keep my brain fresh when I was largely stuck in the house again. So naturally I picked an old one.

As you might expect I'm pretty rusty, and as someone who doesn't play - or stand much chance of playing - much in the way of tabletop games these days I tend to flit around between several forces. I'm also too much the roleplayer so I get a kick out of making my own force backgrounds and colour schemes up. But I've improved quite a bit this year, and as i tend to take a lot of photos for "work in progress" reference, as well as to show off, I thought I'd find a home for them all in one place.

Which is here.