Thursday, 18 April 2013

Stormraven Progress Report 1

So, i've been busy painting the interior of the Stormraven. Like many interiors, much of it won't ever be seen, but if the doors are open, (ie when its on a shelf) some of it will be so you pretty much have to do it all. I always think its a shame to see Flyers with the canopies painted over, for instance, no matter how much that paint-over can be. So, progress - with the interior painted we got this far:

Thats all the interor painted, plus the masking doors for the Hurricane Bolter sponsoons done out as "heraldry" panels. I like the idea that troops would touch them for luck or blessings of the Emperor as they disembark. 

Closer look at the side panels, where all the detail is. You can see quite a bit of this through the hatches when its assembled.

And finally, primary assembly. Its a big fat monster, but not as squat it often looks in the official promo shots. Next up i need to get the hull colour to the right shade of red, and get the landing gear attached.