Thursday, 11 April 2013

Raven Mad!

So, now I've got my Chaplain painted he needs something to ride around in, which means I've finally got started on my Storm Raven. So far, it looks like this:

Which isn't going to terrify many enemies of the Imperium. All I've done so far is spray the whole thing Army Painter Dragon Red as a base, then re-base in black the areas that are going to be different colours. As you can see I've assembled the wings and attached the Hurricane Bolters to the main hull, but until the interior is painted thats as far as assembly is going to get.

Speaking of the interior, sticking on the Hurricane Bolters highlighted a problem I didn't expect. There is a quite a nicely detailed cargo hold, and fore- and aft-doors you that hinge open for display. Not being one of those "glue everything shut" guys, it would be nice to see it. But with the Bolters fitted the door way just leads to the interior of the weapon assembly, and looks really, really, ugly. Also, it's right next to the rear hatch, so anyone looking in would certainly see it.

But, a solution!

These are the external doors with the prongs and hinges removed, attached over the internal door holes. What I've added to them is purity seals and combat honours - its the sort of thing that adorn most SM vehicles but you're not going to stick them on the outside of an airframe and expect them to stay attached. And right next to the rear hatch? Sounds perfect for a quick prayer as the Marines leap out the back door to combat.

So, next job is to get the interior painted up.