Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Storm Raven Progress Report 2

So, work progresses on the Storm Raven. Now its assembled the scale of it really becomes apparent, but in fairness to it I think it looks a lot less clunky in the flesh than in many of the pictures you see. Sure, it's not a graceful or elegant thing, but what Imperial vehicle is?

Anyway, current pics under the cut.

Side shot. This makes it look a lot more "orangey" than it is, which i think is the camera flash. Have since got a new camera, which should help. The brown areas are marking out where the cream stripes and chapter markings are going to go.

I really enjoy painting cockpits, and it always makes me sad when people just paint over the canopy. Most of this will get obscured by the pilot and then the cockpit frame, but i'll know it's there! 

Front Ramp. The light is from my painting spot shining through the turret mounting hole, but makes me wish I could get a small light inside for display. 

And the rear ramp. Still needs weathering on the ramp, and the skips need some more detail work. But, it's coming along nicely.