Thursday, 27 September 2012

Blood Ravens Tactical Marine COMPLETED

One of the things I've been trying to achieve with the new paints is staying relatively consistent with my existing Blood Raven forces. This has two problems - firstly the paints are different, so that's been tricky, and secondly most of my Blood Raven basic infantry were painted a while back and I've (hopefully) improved since then. So rather than production line my new Tacticals, I pulled out one and just did him, so I have a baseline model for comparison. I am rather pleased with him.


He's also useful as reference figure for the colour and marking choices I've been using across the board, as it seems everyone has their own take on the Blood Raven scheme and this is mine. It's a warmer red than some, taking its cue from the Dawn of War games, and I've discarded any notion of different coloured shoulder trims because despite what the Codex Astartes say, I think its a stupid idea. I've stuck with Black for the chest ornamentation except for Veteran or 1st Company Troops who get Gold, and kept the skulls as  , well, skull coloured, wherever they appear. The only other source of debate on markings seems to be the use of Roman numerals vs Arabic ones for squad, company of vehicle markings, and here I've gone for Roman numerals for Company markings and Arabic for squad or vehicle numbers, and just kept that consistent across my force. I'm sure somewhere there is written "the correct" way but I like this way regardless.

I've moved over to painting the vents on the backpack as metal, like this:

It seems to be all the rage at the moment, or at least I've suddenly started noticing it, and now I've tried it it makes a huge difference to the look of the backpack. Really like it, keeping it forever! 

Finally, this: 

Inspired by a friend's "screw it, I'm just going to try  it and see how it turns out" attitude to banners, I cursed my own cowardice and went back to by Company Banner Bearer to redo it. Thats a definite improvement and marks my first attempt at an Imperial Eagle in free hand. Or at least, the first attempt I'm willing to show anyone..