Friday, 7 September 2012

Blood Ravens Landspeeder and some paint thoughts

Well first up I got my first vehicle under the Vallejo Paints done, and it looks like this:

No, I still haven't bought a decent camera.

This really almost turned into a complete disaster but I think I've mostly brought it back. I've noticed that the colour depth on the new paints is much stronger - and better - than the old GW ones i'd been used to, and planned accordingly, but even so the initial red coat was ridiculously vivid. I think it's still to bright compared to the existing vehicles but a couple of washes and the weathering pass have brought it back under control somewhat.

The weathering - especially the mud - is heavier than my normal effect at least in part because of this, but also because I figure that high-speed skimmers that get tactically deployed as hit-and-run strike forces probably get filthy.

As to the painting the problem I'm not really sure how to resolve it - thinner coats sure but then I'm going to run into problems with application. I'd love to try Landraider or similar show-piece vehicle and that's really not something I want to screw up, which makes me think a starters airbrush could be the answer. Time for more research, I think....