Thursday, 15 December 2011

WIP Sternguard - now with better photos!

So, a day off work means more painting, more progress and, shockingly, some better pictures. Think how much progress I'd make without that pesky work to do!.

I now have three of the squad (mostly) finished - by which i mean they're at the stage where i periodically pick them up, touch up a tiny area of paint and put them down again, and of course they need properly basing, which i'll do at the end. As a group, they look like this:

The armour is what I've used before, mechandrite red base with a thinned blood red layer over the top, and orange dry brushing for the highlights. I've seen the tip to use Thraka Green to wash direct into the recesses and i like how that's turned out. Shoulders are Bleached Bone with a Devlan Mud lining to deepen the edges, with black trim where appropriate, and the purity seals are the usual bleached bone/sepia combination with either brown or black squiggles for effect. More close ups under the cut!

Womble Guy again, this time with better lighting which will, of course, show off more the missed brush strokes. I've also re-done part of the gun, although it still looks very "black"

This is the other side i didn't have a picture of earlier - I dithered a lot about the shoulder-skull, and for a while it was stone, but i changed it to gold for consistency across the squad. 

This guys is my absolute favorite pose in the squad, its just so dynamic. He came hugely encased in Finecast Carbonite, and extracting him destroyed the gun strap, hence it being hurriedly carved into a purity seal sort of shape and painted appropriately. Actually i think it suits him. 

Make my day, heretic.

And finally, Brother Combi-Melta. He sadly has a boring, normal marine hat style, so compensates with his overly large combi-gun. Deep down though, he just wants to be loved.

And that's it for now! Two more to go...and their little Razorback too!