Friday, 9 December 2011

Blood Ravens Sternguard WIP: Wombles!

So, the next project (before I go back to my Sorylian Cruisers) is the Finecast Sternguard I picked up for my expanding Marine force. Even after a bit of cleaning up, I keep discovering small, messed up areas on them - in fairness you get this on metal figures too, and I suspect the finer detail versus plastics mean there is more to go wrong, but it's faintly annoying and occasionally beyond my meager fixing skills. Anyway, the squad is progressing, with heads and armour mostly done.

Whatever else I say, I love the design and poses of these guys. 
This feels like the end of the "production line" stage, so now we are at the detail it's a matter for picking one up and just going around and around him till it'm satisfied. The only one I've put a lot of work into is one of the "womble-nose" chaps, so here he is:


He's mostly finished - with the odd bit of touching up around the place to do, and the gun detailing which you can't see (because I didn't photograph that angle). You don't get a decent shot of his shoulder pads either, which are of course creamey coloured as he's a Blood Raven. That said the more I look at these figures the more I've come to realise that there is very little space for the Blood Raven iconography to go on them, due to the very "busy" shoulders that they have. Maybe I could use a knee pad for that, or try my shakey hands at a bit more freehand work...