Thursday, 24 November 2011

Painting Table Update!

So, I've got my exams out of the way so I get some free time again! Hooray! I mean, there is still Arkham City to play, but more importantly I've got some painting time, and some new things to paint.

First off I picked up some Sternguard to go with my expanding Blood Ravens army. They're Finecast, of course, so they came like this:

Flash! Ahhh-Aaaaaaa! 
At first I thought they'd be like the Lord Commissar I bought, where the flash just rubbed off cleanly and I wondered what all the whining was about. And in some sprues that was the case. But on others, the flash (not the sprue attachment points!) was thicker than the element caught up in it, and being a cack-handed fool I've managed to damage a couple of the figures whilst snipping and cutting the little buggers free. Most of it I've been able to repair, but the guy in the bottom left, with the gun held out in front of him, has lost his weapon strap. I've left the front part on so I can paint it up a parchment roll, and hopefully this will salvage some character.

Finecast models have the natural reflective index of Moondust. I
think that's the "Secret Ingredient"
I also discovered that the resin doesn't drill the same way as plastic (yes, i know that should be obvious) so theres a couple of hashed up gun barrels as well. But I'll spend some time with little bits of greenstuff and a bit more cutting and filing and hopefully once they're based up no-one will notice.

For a total change change of pace I've also got some spaceships from Firestorm Armada, presumably because I am constantly drawn to shiny things for games I'll never get to play.

I think the Captain of the second cruiser is drunk again.