Thursday, 6 October 2011

Painting Table Update October 2011

So, with most of the outstanding painting mentioned last time I did one of these round-ups done, I guess I need to put my thoughts in order again. Most of what I've painting is Blood Ravens, completeing a Predator, Dread, Force Commander and Tac Squad in fairly close order, so much so I feel like this has been turning into a "Blood Ravens Blog".

Not a Blood Ravens Blog, appearances to the contrary
Next up is a stripped, repaired and re-basecoated Landspeeder Storm for my Marines, but after that I'm in a world of conflict.

See, I've really enjoyed doing all the Marine stuff and part of my would like to expand the force a bit more. I've got the AoBR Termies still, but they're exceptionally dull figures compared to the boxed ones, so the temptation to spring for some of them is quite strong. I also like the look of the Finecast Sternguard or a Venerable Dread.

On the other hand, I'm running the risk of getting bored of all that red pretty soon, and I'd still like to expand my IG and Tau displays; fitting the blue/white electic scheme to a Tau vehicle will be a fun challenge, and I'd still like to expand my IG troops up to at least a full Platoon.

So the conclusion of this ramble is that there isn't one. But at least now i've been conflicted in public!