Thursday, 27 October 2011

Blood Ravens Landspeeder Storm: COMPLETED

So, after turning into a bit of a nightmare, I've salvaged what I can. Turns out I was right insomuch as you can hardly see the interior at all once you cram 6 scouts into this thing, so I guess that's a bullet (or Bolter Shell) dodged. And the overall colour scheme has turned out pretty well. It's been weathered down the same as the Predator, with of a bit of extra mud-spatter on the nose and the legs of the scouts, to (try to) simulate the sort of effect you'd get from skimming along the ground quickly.

Anyway, here it is. As ever, comments and criticism appreciated.

There's a quirk of the lighting that makes this look darker than it actually
is, but I think it's still looking OK. 

The driver is a nightmare to get into position. He had to be broken down
and reassembled in place, poor bugger. 

Look! You can hardly see the crummy interior!