Monday, 26 September 2011

Blood Ravens Predator: "Furious" COMPLETED!

So, after some more free time this weekend with the kids asleep, I got it finished and photographed. Full shots, and commentary, below.


Front and Side Shots. Originally the engine exhausts were going to be white but looking at this the balance of colour is about right. He was also originally planned to be less scuffed up but in the end i couldn't resist giving him a more "working vehicle" look. Markings are for 2nd vehicle, 5th Company. 

Turret Detail. The split Chapter logo on the hatch hasn't quite come out as well as i'd like although i think the size and general appearance is OK. the main problem was getting a decent finish overpainting the decal and the light doesn't fall on it properly.

Quite a few images of Blood Ravens run with the idea of them carrying a lot of inscription on their armour, and its a very Space Marine-ey sort of idea generally. So this is me playing with the idea. It's also a decent shot of the left-hand Bolter Sponsoon if you're into that sort of thing.

Finally the Right-Hand side shot. Very similar to the Left-Hand side shot. To be honest i'm just avoiding showing the rear with it's wonky Aquila. Stupid wonky Aquila.

So thats the Furious. Any feedback greatfully received.