Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Starting Over..!

You remember when I said I was happy with the citi-def scheme? Well I got back from a weekend away and decided that I wasn't. I hated it. I tweaked it a bit on a couple of other figures, then tweaked it a lot, and finally just repainted the whole squad over and started again. This time I've gone for a more "realistic" Forest Camo pattern, which is essentially a series of grey, black and green splodges with a green wash to blend it all down and make it look "camoflaguely". For something done in anger - or at least a bad case of the grumps - it's turned out OK in the cold light of day.

Heavy Weapon Guy Again. 

Twin Pistols. You won't hit anything, but you'll look cool (not) doing it. 

Bazooka Trooper. This shot looks like she's just swapped her arm for the weapon.