Tuesday, 26 February 2013

6th Edition Lessons...

I've got to admit i've struggled to paint the last week or so. I just don't seem to be able to get something done with the Citi-Def that I'm happy with. I don't think it's the models, which are nice, characterful sculpts, and I'm still fond of the colour scheme, but I there's definitely something I'm just not engaging with at the moment. I've really enjoyed doing the Judges, but maybe I just need to move onto something else for a bit.

On the plus side, me and eldest offspring had our first game of 6th Edition recently, which was great fun. With both sides "full up" at 1500 points each, it was a busy fight over 5 objectives and he just - just - pipped me when the game ended on Turn 5. Given that his Orks are made up of units he thinks are cool, and mine are made up of units i've bought to paint, a certain mis-match is inevitable, but even so we had a good time and learned a lot about the new edition.

Flyers are fun, aren't they? We only have one between us, my StormTalon, but it was a disruptive little monster, especially against smaller squads it could force into morale checks. It only ever looked vunerable the turn I slowed it down to make some turns, whereupon it drew a lot of fire, and I suspect in future I may just leave it zooming on and off the board merrily carving up any squad unfortunate to be underneath it.

My other big lesson was the Power Klaw Nobs (one of the new additions) are horrific agents of death limited only by what they can reach. Ouch ouch ouch, was my general experience of being assaulted by them. Now he wants a Battlewagon to put them in. I'm comming to the conclusion that the Orks may be a good "starter" race for younger players, as whilst not the most straightforward to play, they are excitingly random, you get to roll lots and lots of dice, and there is a generally cheerfully violent tone to them that seems to appeal.

Old Dublo Castle sets make for great impromtu terrain. 
Although maybe that's just us...!